Lin-Manuel Miranda: Being a Lyrically and Linguistically driven Entity

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Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of Lin-Manuel Miranda. Up until a couple days ago I would have assumed the name belonged to a senator or perhaps someone with a profound love of first names (perhaps a version of onomamania). This 30 year old composer, lyricist, and actor gained some considerable notoriety for having written and starred in the Tony award winning Broadway musical In The Heights, but, like most male heterosexual non-New Yorkers, I am completely detached from the happenings of Broadway (for some reason I can never seem to be at home and tuned in when the Tony Awards are on). Earlier today, while once again trying to waste time I came across this video and was pretty impressed with this guys flow and lyricism:

I’m still shocked that Waka Flacka thinks lyricism is played out. I mean, come on, why wouldn’t you want skills like this?

This guy has some sick skills–sick enough to get him to the White House to perform in front of Obama:

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