Can We Make It? Yes We Can. Should We Make It? Probably Not.

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If you were a boy during the 80s there is a good chance that just the mention of Hadouken or Shoryuken will throw you into such an intense state of fury that you might pop a blood vessel. Before Mortal Kombat, before Goldeneye, and long before Super Smash Bros. there was Street Fighter—the wild west had its gunslingers, but the children of the 80s had Ryu, Blanka, and Honda. Few things compared to the thrill you’d get from putting your quarter in the queue at the arcade and proceeding to shut down some overweight, hairy kid’s 10 game winning streak—especially if he thought he had skills as Ryu. Throughout most of my youth Street Fighter served as the decider for pretty much any arguments. Both kids want the top bunk? Street Fighter. Someone has to back off the girl? Street Fighter. Chicken or Beef? Street Fighter. Hell, I’m probably where I am today because of the wins and losses I accrued from Street Fighter. I’m pretty sure you’d be hard pressed to find a gamer (past or present) who wouldn’t put at least Street Fighter II in their top 10 best games.

I’m not sure anyone out there will forget, or forgive Steven E. de Souza, for the blasphemy that was Street Fighter (1994). Quite possibly the crappiest dialogue to ever grace a screenplay, ridiculously cartoonish costumes, and Kylie Minogue (as Cammy) all served to show us that nothing is sacred in Hollywood. I’m not saying the film was such crap that its lingering shittyness lead to Raul Julia’s stroke…but I’m not saying the contrary is true either. With the resurgence in pop culture of comic book and computer game based movies one might begin to question, “Are we ready to try Street Fighter again?” These two fan groups believed the answer was yes.

Shockingly these two short films hit Youtube on the same day…talk about getting your thunder stolen. While these short pieces are much more appealing than Jean Claude Van Damme’s performance, they still miss the mark (the Ryus both look weird and the Ken in the second one has a ridiculous wig on. Not to mention what is up with that jump kick at the end of the first one? I mean wouldn’t you want to get a little closer to the other guy? Are you trying to deliver a deathblow to the other guy’s pedicure or something?). Personally I don’t think you’ll ever find a cast of characters that will have everything right, and I’m not willing to compromise when it comes to Street Figher. Also I should mention that I don’t count Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li because, while never having seen it, I believe it has as much in common with Street Fighter as Haley Berry’s Catwoman has with the DC Supervillian Catwoman.

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