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Yes, this actually happened.

March 22, 2010 by


Nothing brings you out of a slump like a little ray of sunshine: So smile already.

Radio Show: Sample This!

March 19, 2010 by


Third show down, and subject wise perhaps my favorite show (which isn’t hard when you only have three shows to pick from). This week T and I were joined by Gonzo, who among other things, doesn’t appreciate Nas’ lyrical skills—¡que triste! But to each his own I guess. Regardless, if you didn’t get a chance […]

Radio Show: Rappers Rappin’ ’bout Rappers, Themselves

March 16, 2010 by


For our second show we bounced around a couple ideas for what to play (most of those ideas will become future shows, so stay tuned). Eventually we decided that it would be fun to look for records where the subject matter is the rapper, either the artist themselves or another rapper. This of course included […]

Rappers Rappin’ about Rappers: The Art of the Tribute

March 10, 2010 by


Ever since Horace first called out his man Virgil in the propempticon Odes 1.3, the proverbial “shout out” to contemporaries has been a thematic staple amongst the artistically gifted. Authors Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, and Hunter S. Thompson often posited both themselves and their colleagues as main characters in their novels or short-stories. Bob Dylan […]

And the Oscar for Best Windmill goes to…wait, what?!

March 8, 2010 by


Nataliya forced me to watch some of the Oscars last night. Maybe forced is too strong a word; Nataliya tuned in to watch the Oscars last night while I was in the same room tooling over what to play on the show this week. Sadly, my headphones were not enough to protect me from the […]

Weekend Procrastinators

March 5, 2010 by


The weekend has come, and not a moment too soon. After a long week of running between the radio station and Mass General, I’m more than welcoming a break from it all. Like most weekends T and I will undoubtedly have a couple adventures and between adventures we will probably start planning next week’s show—if […]

Lil Chuckee vs. Lil Twist: Race to the Wiki

March 4, 2010 by


(Update: Lil Twist has officially won the race to the wiki with his upcoming album thrusting him into cultural relevancy over Lil Chuckee. Upon hearing the news, Q attempted to throw himself from a building, but was stopped by T who convinced him that if he could survive the rise and fall of Mystikal he […]