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Parks and Recreation Ain’t Nothin’ to Fuck With.

February 16, 2010 by


Oh shit. Where do I even begin? There are so many things I love about this: ?uestlove with a sniffer of brandy and his trademark afro pick. The RZA’s emphatic endorsement of Girl Power. The idea that Amy Poehler only got the role of Leslie Knope after Ghostface Killah turned it down. AZIZ MOTHERFUCKIN’ ANSARI, who […]

Blakroc: Everything that’s good about music.

December 21, 2009 by


It’s as if someone tapped into my musical psyche and decided to make all my dreams come true. Blakroc is the new collaboration between Ohio-based, critically-acclaimed, and all around awesome blues rock duo The Black Keys (who I have obsessed over since my early college years) and many of my favorite hip-hop artists: Q-Tip; Raekwon, […]

RZA the Artist vs. RZA the Artist vs. RZA the Artist

December 14, 2009 by


Even before hip-hop hit me full force, I had crazy love for The RZA, mainly because he had his hands in so many different, disparate, interesting things. Hip-hop can be narrow at times; those in the scene can have a tendency to focus on their role in hip-hop and ONLY their role in hip-hop. But […]


December 4, 2009 by


Oct. 24, 2009, RZA appeared on All Things Considered. Dec. 4 10:46am , 2009, Easy T sends me the link to the transcript. Dec. 4 10:50am, 2009, I find the audio clip instead (does that mean I hate to read?). Skip ahead to a little past minute 13 (or min 26 if it goes the […]