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Stephen Colbert is White. And Sometimes he Raps.

December 18, 2009 by


On last night’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert pulled the old “it’s funny when white people who aren’t rappers rap” bit by joining Alicia Keys in an updated rendition of Empire State of Mind. more about “Colbert Thrills Nation With Launch of…“, posted with vodpod   Now, I kind of like this. Stephen Colbert is endearing […]

What It Do: Revisiting the Ebonics Issue

December 2, 2009 by


If you were awake in 1996, you probably remember the uproar surrounding the Oakland School Board’s proposal to use African American English (known as AAE or Ebonics) in the Oakland School system. For those of you not in the know, here’s a Quick Break-Down: The OSB passed a resolution that recognized the legitimacy of Ebonics […]

Stuffy Turkey: Thelonious Monk, Thanksgiving, and Music’s Place at the Table

November 26, 2009 by


While I hate to run over The Q’s eye-opening introduction to love, dating, and internet-savvy in the 21st century below, I’m going to have to bump his latest take on contemporary issues with a tribute to a great from our past. Today is Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving will always remind me of one very important thing: […]

Welcome to the Beat

November 3, 2009 by


Axiom (n.): 1. a self-evident truth that requires no proof. 2. a universally accepted principle or rule. 3. a proposition that is assumed without proof for the sake of studying the consequences that follows from it.   Break Beat (n.; v.): “The best part of a great record.” – Grandmaster Flash “While playing hits from […]