Beat Makers on Hulu

Posted on May 8, 2010 by


It’s been a while since Hulu has put out a hip-hop documentary for me to post and help you waste your time with, but it’s finally happened again. The newest documentary, Beat Makers, takes us into the world of hip-hop producers. I should point out that the film is a little heavy on the music centric quotes, one of which is from Frederik Niche. Granted you’re not going to see too many big names in this film, and you’ll question the monikers of pretty much everyone, but it still illustrates the hustle that lesser known producers have to go through on a daily basis. Also keep in mind, even Kanye was underground at some point. Now I’m not saying one of these guys is going to be the jump off of 2011, but everyone needs a respect for the underground and the up-and-coming.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

On a related note, if you question my belief that Kanye a sick producer I present exhibit a:

and exhibit b:

But that’s just my opinion—who is your favorite producer and what is your favorite production of theirs?