Nas and ESPN Examine Liberian Amputee Soccer Team

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Nas is once again lending his soft-spoken voice, however it isn’t with Damien Marley this time, but rather a collaboration with ESPN. The rapper/actor is narrating an hour long documentary on the Liberian Men’s Amputee Soccer Team. The documentary, which is aired under the name E:60, centers on two members of the team in an attempt to tell the story of how a country ravaged by nearly two decades of civil war began to heal itself. The Liberian Civil War, which killed over 250,000 people and left millions wounded, was believed by the Liberian people to have been caused by the amputees who, for the most part, now live as homeless outcasts. These amputees are mainly Sierra Leonean (who composed a majority of the rebel army) citizens who refused to fight for the rebels and were consequently maimed by the rebels, or Liberian citizens who lost their limbs in attacks as a result of their inability to find suitable medical attention. E:60 is ESPNs documentary series that, E:60 sport reporter Jeremy Schaap describes as, “Covering sports that most people don’t care about.” While probably an accurate description of the sports profiled, the series does give audiences a glimpse into more unconventional sports and teams, usually unified by the positive impact that they have on their respective society and their perseverance.

This E:60 episode airs Tuesday, May 4th, at 7pm on ESPN.

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