B.o.B, Eminem, and Hayley Williams present Airplanes (Part II)

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UPDATE 05.07.2010: Well it’s been long enough that Airplanes Part II has officially hit the youtubes, so without further ado:

Finally we see on the horizon the long anticipated studio album from B.o.B, B.o.B. Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray (coming out April 27th). On one of his tracks, which was released early, Airplanes, he is joined by emo band Paramore’s frontwoman, Hayley Williams, which can be heard below:

Now, B.o.B. is no stranger to the crossover collaboration, which is evident on pretty much every song he has ever put out on his mixtapes (e.g. 369 ft. Cupid, Grip Ya Body ft. Amy Winehouse, as well as Kanye, Cobra Starship, and Asher Roth to name a few) Perhaps it is Hayley’s alternative spelling of Hailey that drew Eminem (whose daughter is named Hailie Mathers) to join the duo on Airplanes (Part II). While Airplanes (Part II) seems like a slight departure from what Shady usually releases (think if it had been Taylor Swift on Stan rather than Dido), Eminem still manages to bring the fire and intensity that we expect from him. You can listen to the “leaked” track on B.o.B’s official Website, but it requires you to sign up for a mailing list (tools of The Man I say), so I suggest checking out The Daily What’s post that has it as a clickable. It would be wrong to tell you where to download the track, so I won’t. Oh, and i should mention it’s better than the Eminem/Elton John collab.

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