And the Oscar for Best Windmill goes to…wait, what?!

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Nataliya forced me to watch some of the Oscars last night. Maybe forced is too strong a word; Nataliya tuned in to watch the Oscars last night while I was in the same room tooling over what to play on the show this week. Sadly, my headphones were not enough to protect me from the award show’s crappy banter; however, I caught a glimpse of this and was more than curious (perhaps it was just shock or confusion):

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They are the League of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD for short), a dance group from the twisted mind that brought you Step Up 2: Still Steppin’ Up to Those Streetz Yo! and the undoubtedly terrible Step Up 3-D (yeah…keep in mind that money could have gone to help cure cancer), Jon Chu. Apparently he has them doing the tv circuit as they have appeared on the Ellen show and So You Think You Can Dance, most likely to promote Chu’s upcoming 3-D masterpiece. I don’t need to comment on the performance since…well, it’s right there for you to watch yourself. Though, I will tell you that the critics of the show were less than excited by it, and even the little praise that did come was immediately followed (or preceded) by some good old fashion criticism. The Guardian wrote:

[The Award for] Most never-ending segment:

If you had spent the last few weeks wondering what the score from The Hurt Locker would look like interpreted via the medium of modern dance, this was the night for you. In what felt like a 47-minute medley, each and every nominee for best score was . . . glossed, would you call it? . . . by a troupe called the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, who really know how to distill the tension of bomb disposal into a soft-shoe number. This year’s ceremony was produced by one of the judges on So You Think You Can Dance, which goes some way toward explaining that excruciating segment, but nowhere near excusing it.

The Marquiee blog wrote:

10:51 p.m.: The dance segment was…interesting. And a touch long. If MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” decided to do an interpretive dance challenge, perhaps that’s what it would look like. Best dance routine award for Oscars 2011, anyone?

Similarly I found some of the audition material, which was surprisingly good compared to what they did in the performance.

I’d like to say that I’m surprised at the lengths that some people/networks will go to in order to boost ratings, but I watch the news, so I know it oh so well (Yeah Nancy Grace, I’m talking about you).

Lucky for George Clooney the vast amount of alcohol in his blood served as a cognitive shield, protecting him from the horror.