Lil Chuckee vs. Lil Twist: Race to the Wiki

Posted on March 4, 2010 by


(Update: Lil Twist has officially won the race to the wiki with his upcoming album thrusting him into cultural relevancy over Lil Chuckee. Upon hearing the news, Q attempted to throw himself from a building, but was stopped by T who convinced him that if he could survive the rise and fall of Mystikal he could survive anything.)

So there isn’t much to say about Lil Twist and Lil Chuckee that you can’t glean from looking at the picture above. These two diminutive Young Money rappers are the oompa loompas to Lil Wayne’s Willy Wonka, and in the words of Jeff Rosenburg, “…at least we know that Wayne is paying taxes as these guys are classic write-offs”. However, unlike oompa loompas, these two have yet to achieve a state of cultural relevance: neither has a Wikipedia page yet. So, rather than post a video to help you procrastinate I figured I’d post a poll.

Who will land a Wiki page first? Of course, no matter who wins, we all lose.

UPDATE: Now that Lil Twist has won, you may ask yourself, “Just who is Lil Chuckee, and what is his grasp on the written English language like?” Well, wait no longer, apparently Lil Chuckee has written his own bio (courtesy of his myspace). If you study grammar (or pride yourself on spelling, punctuation, or all things good in this world) then you should probably stay away from this as it may cause your head to implode—without further ado The Breakbeat Axiom presents “Lil Chuckee: In His Own Wordz”:

“Rashad Chuckee Ballard Rapper/Actor/Dancer Rashad Ballard was born in the city of New Orleans Louisiana. He grew up in one of the notorious project by the name of the Third Ward Calliope Projects. Rashad refused to be lead in to the life of drugs and violence on the streets of New Orleans. Young at age he looked to his mother and father for guidance to rise above the temptations of street life. While some kids were selling drugs and grabbing guns, Rashad at the young age wanted more out of life. With people like Master P. and his brothers Silk the Shocker and C. Murder and son Romeo from the Calliope projects, he knew that he possess talent as well. He was blessed at a young age so while maintaining prefect grades in school he to wanted something more out of life. After inheriting the gift of dancing, and rapping abilities, he combined them both of them together and became Chuckee. Chuckee name given by parents, and idea from the movie Childs Play. Chuckee describe how he is young with a mature mind. Yes still a kid but, blessed with the knowledge to know what he wants out of life at a early age. Taught by his parents to be a leader not a follower. Every since hurricane Katrina swept through his city of New Orleans,leaving thousands for dead and hundreds of thousands with out homes. He has been determine to bring his city back from the dead. Him and his family move to the loving city of Atlanta. Chuckee told his parents that he will be the first kid at the age of ”11” that will keep pressing towards his goal until he reaches it. Over 2 and a half year Chuckee landed his self in over ”34” major videos. Some consist of major performers like (Joey Da Y, ChopperYoung City,Young Dro, Dem Franchise Boyz, Jodey Breeze, Bohagan, Young Capone, B.G, Yung Joc, Juvenile,Nelly, Monica, Lil Wayne, T.I, Huey, and his own video called You Already Know. He has been on numerous of talk shows like ”Ellen, and Sally Ann Roberts.He did hundreds of performs for charity events and has his own charity called S.O.C.K, that stand for Save Our Community Kids in New Orleans.He has been chosen to be in a book called ”100 Young Americans,that will be out late Octerber 2007.Chuckee had been in dozens of magzine like ”XXL, Vibe, Ozone, Grip, Juice, Down South, Auc, Street Talk, Breaks, Rollin Out, and many more. Chuckee has proven hiself to be a true lil soulja. With his album all most finish, kids and adults has been really anticipating the arrival. The album Childs Play will hit stores late October. Chuckee model is with God first any one could do it if you believe in your self!!!!! “