Have You Seen this Rapper? Ever?

Posted on March 4, 2010 by


Oh shit, one-hit wonder J-Kwon has been missing for over a month, according to reports from his label.

This story is awesome for the following reasons:

1) The label says that he’s been missing for a month. I’d say that he’s been missing since 2004, when his one and only psuedo hit, Tipsy, was played on loop in the hottest club in Saugus.

2) The label has set up the aptly named WhereisJKwon twitter account to FIND THAT RAPPER. Seriously guys? This is the best you can do? My favorite tweets so far:

COME ON, y’all. This is SERIOUS. So serious that we set up a TWITTER ACCOUNT. Stop laughing, it’s SERIOUS.

And then there’s this gem from Rashwana, which WhereIsJKwon retweeted, ostensibly thinking it would help the search?

For realz, Rashwana. I’m L-ing My A Off too.

3) Law enforcement agencies just put out an APB on him. Today. A month after he’s been missing. Sorry, but where is this kid’s mother?

Luckily, a quick glance at J-Kwon’s own Twitter account gives us a good starting point for the missing persons investigation:

Yo, the dude is totally in Las Vegas checking out some Josh Groban shows.

Josh Groban, everyone.

Relax, y’all.

(Seriously, though, we hope J-Kwon is safe. And that he tweets his record label soon.)

Update!!! (literally 5 hours after this story broke)