Where’s Weezy? In Jail!

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After a one-month stay for dental surgery (which, if you ask me, was much more painful than anything he is going to experience in prison – the man had 8 root canals, work done on his diamond-encrusted grill, replaced several existing tooth implants, AND added new implants), Weezy is finally headed off to the big house (Law & Order’s popularized Rikers Island) to serve his one year sentence.

The sentence stems from a gun possession charge that dates back to 2007 where Lil Wayne was arrested following his first headlining performance in Manhattan. Just like Wu-Tang, NYC gun laws ain’t nothing to fuck with as a gun possession conviction carries a term of up to 15 years. If you aren’t familiar with the story, Weezy was caught by the NYPD smoking weed in his tour bus (someone needs to learn the finer points of hot-boxing). As NYPD approached the bus, Wayne tossed a Louis Vuitton bag, which when searched revealed a .40 caliber semi-automatic gun that was later determined to be registered to his manager. Nevertheless, the man behind Young Money is mad rich and a celebrity, so it isn’t surprising that he reached a deal with prosecutors in November to plead out to a lesser crime. Granted, I wouldn’t last a day in prison before I changed my name to Lucile Ball and turned all my jumpsuits into cutoffs, but this should be no problem for Birdman Jr. who is expected to be released from prison as early as October of this year.

If you are worried that you wont get your fill of this Cash Money Millionaire, don’t worry; in the interim the Hot Boy has recorded over 17 music videos keep you guessing if he is really in prison (I still don’t believe 2 Pac is dead).

In the meantime, who’s going to run Young Money?

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