Did Aziz Ansari have a Southern Accent before he became Famous?

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OK, this has nothing to do with anything remotely important, but

YEAH he did!

Check it:

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If you didn’t know already, I love Aziz Ansari. He’s a comedian of Indian heritage who doesn’t rely on tired Indian-accented routines to get laughs; he runs an awesome blog (that suggests that he may have really great taste in music); he’s doing a mixtape with Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio; and he’s (kind of) friends with Kanye West, and uses that fact to his comedic advantage.

In everything I’ve ever seen of him (stand-up, Parks and Recreation, interviews, etc) he hasn’t had a hint of an accent. But in the clip above (which is ostensibly from early in his stand-up career), he busts out a cute little South Carolinian accent!

Which begs the question(s): Did he always have an accent, and is now covering it up? If so, why? Did having an accent impede his comedic career ambitions? Is that kind of sad, or just par for the Hollywood course?

I’m going to ask him on twitter.

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