Aziz Ansari + TVOTR Producer collaborate on mixtape, scream at rappers

Posted on February 24, 2010 by


Aziz Ansari just gets better.

The comedian/ super-blogger is now teaming up with Dave Sitek of Easy-T favorite TV on the Radio to put out a mix-tape under the guise of his blow-job loving alter ego, Raaaaaaaandy (eight A’s, y’all).

Raaaaaaaandy (a character that Aziz based on the notion of if Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em did stand up) is already pretty awesome because, as a stand-up comedian, he employs a DJ.

That consistently uses the over-employed hip-hop air horn (which is the current bane of my and the Q’s existence).

And who lives by this simple mantra:
1. Y’all ain’t ready.
2. Motherfuckers need to know.
3. Get yo’ shit.

Sitek and Raaaaaaaandy have just released their first single. On Aaaaaaaangry, Randy yells furiously at rappers who were supposed to contribute verses to his mixtape:

“Kanye! What is taking you so long?! You know how you like to sample soul songs and speed them up? Why don’t you speed up the process of you getting your verses back to us?”

“Jay-Z! You’re supposed to drop a verse. Where’s your shit, bro? Did Coldplay have to wait this long?”

And my favorite:
“This is for the whole Wu-Tang Clan, especially RZA and GZA. Where y’all at, man? You know how many times I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and refurnished my bathroom since we sent you those beats? I’ve went through floor mats, fool!”

To download/ stream the single, go here.