KRS-One Discusses the Difference between the MC and the Emcee, Makes Less and Less Sense

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Oh, KRS-One. I love you.

I REALLY, REALLY love you.

You’re one of the best rappers and freestylers of all time, and Boogie Down Productions will always hold a special place in my heart. Your Stop the Violence Movement proved that hip-hop didn’t need to be violent to be legit, and suggested another way to young hip-hop heads everywhere. You’ve called out hip-hop for its mysoginistic shortcomings, and stated – unequivocally- that hip-hop needs more women. And even though your Temple of Hiphop and Gospel of Hiphop were kind of overkill and didn’t really go anywhere, I knew what you were trying to do.

But, dude, you’re starting to make no sense.

I’m afraid that my man KRS-One is one interview away from declaring Magic the sixth element of hip-hop.

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