Reggie Watts (and our very own HQ!!) at the ICA

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That’s right.

Kick-ass comedian/performance artist/dancer/musician/beatboxer/all-around-interesting performer is exhibiting his show Disinformation at the ICA on Saturday, February 13th, and The Q is a big ole’ part of it!

Watts’s website describes Disinformation thusly:

“It’s 2012. The end of the world. What do you do?

In DISINFORMATION, Reggie outlines humanity’s refusal to accept a global paradigm shift of unimaginable consequences. A mélange of absurdist storytelling, projected video imagery, aural simulations, geometric movement sequences and spontaneous musical compositions.

Hit of Portland Institute of Contemporary Art’s 2007 TBA Festival, DISINFORMATION is a feverish comedic deconstruction of the human need to understand itself.”

DISINFORMATION (excerpt) from Reggie Watts on Vimeo.

Now this sounds great on its own, but it is improved TENFOLD by the fact that THIS GUY WILL BE IN IT:

Now, I’ve never seen The Q in an actual staged production, but if our Friday night outings are any indication, his performance will be a rawkus celebration of all things ambrosial, punctuated by dance numbers and a slightly blasphemous sense of humor. Even if he’s barely on stage. Even if he has no lines. Even/ especially if he’s naked.

Come to the show tonight at either 7:30pm or 9pm to see the magic. Additional info can be found here.

But be forewarned:  Reggie Watts, the artist and HQ, the super-blogger  are apparent doppelgängers:


The Other.