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Come back, Kanye!

It’s been a good five months since Kanye’s now-infamous interruption of perpetual middleschooler Taylor Swift’s award acceptance speech at the VMAs. And goddamnit, I miss him.

I know, there was his awesome rambling, ranting response to PETA’s criticism of his even MORE awesome fur coat, in ALL-CAPS, NATCH.  (“NO COCAINE, JUST LIFE!!!”) And yeah, we did hear that rumor that he had a hissy-fit over not getting a seat in first class (but yo, we’re with you, Ye Ye, and don’t believe a word of it.)

But other than that, the prolific rapper/producer/fashionisto/Gay Fish/Muse of the Internet Meme has been out of the spotlight, and I am going through some major withdrawal.

Yeah, I know; Kanye West is an egomaniac. I KNOW he says things that rational people with normal social filters would never, ever say. I know that while Kanye is a truly revolutionary producer, he’s just not a great emcee (as HQ says, “How many times can you rhyme Klondike with Blonde Dike?”). I know he made the Eurotrash super-duo Justice, poor/doughy Mike Myers AND pretty, pretty princess Taylor Swift super uncomfortable WHILE TAPING LIVE ZOMMGGG!!

The thing is, despite their inappropriateness, egocentricity, and dubious capitilization, his outbursts and rants and interruptions are usually… well…. correct. The media DID identify black New Orleanians as “looting” while whites were “finding” in the post-Katrina wake. His Touch the Sky video WAS awesome. And sorry, but EVERYONE knows that Beyonce’s sexy, strong, female-empowered “Single Ladies” video kicked Tay Swift’s dumb, boy-obsessed, “I’m-ugly-because-I-wear-glasses” video‘s ass.

And now Taylor Swift, who is socially, morally, and musically offensive to me for so many reasons, has won Album of the Year. Lil’ Wayne, who — I’m sorry — sounds like a baby alien, is being heralded as the savior of Hip-Hop. And apparently, 2009 was the breakout year of Drake, who used to play a handicapped kid on Degrassi and has done absolutely nothing inspired, original, or – sorry! – good.

Did not have the best album of the year.

Is not the savior of hip-hop.

You're kidding, right?

Seriously, Kanye. We need you and your tactless true-isms now more than ever. Our current musical status-quo is approaching absurdity, and somebody needs to CALL THAT SHIT OUT. You’re the only man that can do it. Come back and grab the mic out of someone’s hand before I die of boredom.

The best Hip-Hop Sketch Comedy team on the planet knows what’s up:

Vodpod videos no longer available.(PS – I’m totally getting a “Free Kanye” shirt, and you should too.)

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