MC Frontalot at Harpers Ferry

Posted on February 2, 2010 by


Easy T usually manages updating the “who is playing where” bit of the website, however when it comes to MC Frontalot (yeah, like Front-A-Lot), I’m pretty sure it’s up to me. If you haven’t heard of MC Frontalot, it’s not too surprising, since he has a very particular underground following, and even fewer of that following appreciate him as an artist (as opposed to a gimmick). You’d be more likely to see his video on youtube or collegehumor than you’d be to hear him on someone’s iTunes. See, MC Frontalot is the father of Nerdcore, a sub-genre of hip-hop which—love it or hate it—is characterized by subject matter people would call nerdy, like who shot first—think if your IT guy at work had the flow and skill of Mos Def. Maybe it’s because I went to school at MIT, but frankly if someone drops a line about rockin’ out on their TI-82 or replacing their video card I can’t help but enjoy it. Just as more mainstream rap provides a context and access to black culture (as well as more abstract ideas like struggle, perseverance, and bangin’ bitches), nerdcore is a way to appreciate your inner nerd.

Now don’t confuse Nerdcore rappers as mocking or parodying hip-hop (like the John McCain rap in T’s earlier post, “Stephen Colbert is White. And Sometimes he Raps”) because they know their shit, but they understand the harsh reality that they will never, never ever, be accepted into mainstream hip-hop (and they’re fine with that), so they approach hip-hop on their own terms. Nerdcore usually has a DIY ethic so most rappers can produce as well, giving them a deeper appreciation than some of the pop rappers out there. Take for instance Frontalot’s ode to the popular “Funky Drummer” drum break by Clyde Stubblefield, “Good Old Clyde”.

So bottom line, MC Frontalot (along with Brandon Patton, and H.W. & DJ EMO) will be at Harpers Ferry on Monday Feb 8. Show starts at 8pm, and remember to buy tickets in advance…T and I learned that at the Wale show.