Jay-Z’s Latest Video Artistic, Makes Conspiracy Theorists’ Heads Explode

Posted on January 13, 2010 by


Ever since Jay-Z first threw up the Diamond Cutter sign (which apparently was stolen from WWE wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, DUH), Dungeons & Dragons lovers everywhere have been speculating about his (and his cohorts’) possible ties to occult secret societies, namely the Illuminati, the Freemasons, and Lucifericists.

And with his new video for “On to the Next One”, HOVA is not shy about fanning those flames:

Black and white imagery? Horned animal heads? Painted faces? Basketballs on Fire?? A motherfucking Jaguar!? HOLY SHIT, Jay-Z is Satanic.

Let someone who uses the YouTube tag “Inmate09182010” break it down for you:

A somewhat more thoughtful analysis can be found here.

But honestly, a lot of what the occult scholars above argue is interpretive speculation. So Jay throws up the “Masonic A-OK Sign” at 1:02? Yeah, I’d say he’s putting up the number 3 while he says “Blueprint”… you know… like Blueprint 3? The name of this album? And that’s the “Fingerprint of God”? Really? Does Inmate58029507295834943580 have that on file?

Though this video offers a suprisingly coherent argument:

Sure, some of the analysis is interesting, and I don’t think it’s all purely coincidence. But really, I just think this is an asthetically intriguing video that no rapper would have ever dreamed of making 5 or ten years ago. Jay-Z is an incredibly creative and progressive artist, who’s latest album extols his ability to be way ahead of everyone else in the hip-hop game in terms of artistic movement, and this video is meant to represent that.

I also think he’s incredibly smart, and knows EXACTLY what he’s doing by fanning these flames. He plays right in to the occultists’ speculation, thereby generating additional buzz about himself. Mitch Horowitz, author of Occult America, believes that Jay-Z is just a pretty keen observer with a vague interest in obscure references.

I think the man’s a marketing genius, ridiculously talented, and probably has some off-kilter interest in obscure occultism that he knows will generate speculation. But do I think he’s involved in a sinister Satanic secret society? Probably not. I don’t think Beyonce would allow it.