Plainclothes cops hate snow…almost as much as CNN hates saying African-American

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DC was hit by a ton of snow inspiring a flashmob snowball fight which caught cars in the crossfire. Apparently plainclothes officers really don’t like snow. Also. listen how they really don’t want to say he was the black guy when trying to figure out which one was the officer.

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Here is the youtube clip from one of the cameras:

and another:
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According to NBC:

“In a video posted to YouTube, the police officer identifies himself as “Detective Baylor” and in response to someone saying that he pulled a gun on a snowball fight he says: “Yes I did because I got hit with snowballs.”

According to 3D Commander George Kusik the uniformed officer conducted himself appropriately.

The incident between the detective and the snowball-throwing crowd is under investigation.”

In my opinion, this guy is toast. Up shit’s creek sans paddle. He is on the record (well a youtube video—but it wont be the first time a youtube video is used as record) saying that he DID pull his gun, but in his defense he had a reason; that reason being he was hit by a snowball. Yeah, you read it right, he was assaulted by a snowball. I remember back in the day growing up in my neighborhood in Michigan, there were two types of snowballs—the weak little snowballs you would throw around with your friends when you decided to have a snowball fight, and the dreaded iceballs (the things you would make the night before packed with rocks, broken glass, and in Topper Harley’s case—sprinkles, and then pour water over and leave outside to become little spike balls of death)—obviously by this point, assuming someone had brought some iceballs, they were all used up which means Det. Baylor freaked out over something a child would have no problem getting hit by. To make matters worse, he then goes on to call it a weapon…I’m going to go on the record and say a snowball in DC is about as deadly as my dick, non-erect (I’m STD-free ladies…just putting that out there). I think Det. Baylor needs to hope for a Christmas miracle, that something really important (and really, really bad) happens so we all forget about this, otherwise Obama will probably see him next time he tries to place an order at Five Guys Burgers.

On the bright side, this incident finally brings closure to the long debated issue “Do black people like snow?” In fact, it was merely the mention of a SnoCone that caused Coolio such fright that his cornrows stood on end…and the rest is history.

I know you ain't talkin' 'bout no SnoCones!

Did I forget to mention that Coolio is a chef now? Apparently, “[His mom’s] fried chicken would literally put on tennis shoes and run the fuck into your mouth.”
Vodpod videos no longer available.