Raekwon with Queen Yonasda, Capone and Noreaga at the Paradise Tonight

Posted on December 17, 2009 by


Raekwon the Chef will be serving up a tasty dish tonight at the Paradise in Boston. The former Wu-Tang clansman’s new album, “Only Built for Linx…Pt. II” has been hailed as one of the best albums of the year, so I have no doubt that he’ll put on a great show.

However, I’m just as — if not more — excited to check out Queen Yonasda, a female emcee who adheres to Elijah Muhammed’s famous phrase, “No nation can rise higher than it’s women.”

Queen Yonasda has an interesting background: the daughter of a Lakota (Sioux) woman and hustler/artist from Brooklyn, she was adopted by the Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan, the national representative for the Nation of Islam and a controversial advocate for black interests. Girl can also spit a mean rhyme:

She has something to say about women in Hip-Hop, which, though I have yet to post on, I also have a lot to say about. Granted, she’s in a better position to do so:

It will be interesting to see how tonight’s show goes. See you there.