A Ho filled Christmas

Posted on December 2, 2009 by


Thanksgiving is over, which means that it is no longer a sin to put up Christmas decorations, so go ahead (the people who live below me are certainly getting into the Miracle on 34th Street state of mind). Just remember to wear shoes, safety first, then teamwork.

Granted after I left Michigan, I abandoned any type of festive decoration–including a tree–but it is in no way a sign of disdain for the holidays, rather I just don’t have the space nor the time to be festive. Boston really isn’t conducive to the small town holiday traditions that I was raised on or observed while I was in Midland–gaudy Christmas lights covering homes, huge inflatable lawn ornaments, caroling, those little luminaries that you would have to go set up because everyone on the block was doing them and no one else would go out and do them so you freeze the fuck out of your hands trying not to set the little paper bags on fire.  I love winter and Christmas, but when I came to Boston to try and figure out how I would appropriately celebrate the holidays, I learned that I’m none of those people, not even the simple white lights around the window guy.  However, I have a number of holiday traditions that I have picked up once I moved to Boston that I can’t get enough of (and no, a Chinatown massage is not one of them…yet): going to see the big tree (imported from Nova Scotia),  Harrows Chicken Pies, ice skating, buying a new pair of shoes since the salt destroyed the last pair, etc. My favorite “new tradition” is probably the Suburban Sprawl Holiday Music Stockpile. Originally, a tradition that began among friends in Michigan, I didn’t connect with it until I went away to college and reconnected with a friend from Midland. Every year a bunch of musically inclined friends, and friends of friends, compose Christmas songs (or cover them), record them, and send them to the stockpile. Sometimes funny, sometimes good, sometimes a good mix of both, I find myself playing it throughout my house as soon as I get my hands on it rather than some Time-Life Christmas classics or Dean Martin.  I guess I find the music in the stockpile to be so much more personal, which for some reason has come define Christmas for me.

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