Incredibox: No longer just a double entendre

Posted on November 17, 2009 by


If you enjoy a little background music while browsing the news sites, keeping up with your blogs, or cam chatting with your girlfriend for nine and a half hours, then this is the website for you.

Props to Easy T for the find:

Right out of France comes Incredibox presents The Incredible Polo,, a simple game that allows you to put together your own beat-boxing group.  Click and drag different combinations of effects, voices, instruments, percussions, and choruses onto the avatars to bring your song to life.  Think your college acapella group–only minus the shitty songs, dumb gimmicks, inflated egos–wait, nevermind, it’s what your college acapella group wished they were: fun, interesting, and new.  Granted after a while it starts to sound sounds like the Gorillaz on repeat, but it is still fun and the unlockable bonus solos are kind of cool (well at least the first one is).