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Axiom (n.):

1. a self-evident truth that requires no proof.

2. a universally accepted principle or rule.

3. a proposition that is assumed without proof for the sake of studying the consequences that follows from it.


Break Beat (n.; v.):

“The best part of a great record.” – Grandmaster Flash

“While playing hits from the likes of James Brown, Sly Stone, and George Clinton, [DJ Kool] Herc noticed that people went especially wild during the “break” segments, when the drums and percussion sections took over the song. In an experimental mood, Herc took two copies of the same record and cut back and forth between them in order to prolong the break, or the sonic climax. In the process, he created the innovation known as the “break beat,” using the turntable to create an intense, repetitive drum pattern. The break beat strips down music to a form that is almost strictly rhythm, creating a deep, dance-inducing groove.” – Borgmeyer J, Lang H. Dr. Dre: A Biography.

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